Video and activities to teach or review the verb “gustar”

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Many students struggle with this verb, and are not sure about where to place “no” or “mucho”, the difference between “gusta” and “gustan” or the use of the pronouns “me”, “te”, “le”, “nos” and “les”. We have added a new video to our icebreaker section about this topic. The activities that come with this video will help your students to solve those problems, while learning what Spaniards do in their free time. This icebreaker includes a 4-minute video filmed in Madrid, Barcelona, and Granada; an audio activity with native speakers talking about things they like; and a 7-pake PDF booklet with writing and grammar practice activities, the answer keys and the transcripts of the video and audio file.

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Mehi said on Fri, November 18, 2011

These people talk too fast! It’s really frustrating…

Álvaro said on Fri, November 18, 2011

The people who speak in the video aren’t actors, just ordinary people speaking as they usually do. But it’s true that we speak fast here in Spain. Our job in Bablingua, apart from filming and editing the videos, is to offer pre-building activities that help students understand the video, as well as activities (such as cloze exercises) that help them while they’re watching it.
Our videos are also short, so students can watch them several times without spending the whole class.

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