Teaching the verb ser and the subject pronouns with love

Posted by Alvaro

Amor a primera vista is a fun dating game show that will thrill your students while they learn or review the following topics:

  • Grammar: subject pronouns and the verb ser.
  • Vocabulary: personality adjectives.
  • Communication skills: how to introduce themselves.

In the 4-minute video, which includes optional subtitles in Spanish, two young boys compete to go on a date with an attractive girl from Caracas. They introduce themselves and answer her questions, but cannot believe her final choice:

The writing and audio activities that accompany the video will prepare your students to get the most of it, covering the subject pronouns, the verb ser and the personality adjectives used in the video.
There’s also an exercise to do while watching the show -which will help them not to get lost at any time-, the answer key and the transcripts of the video and audio files:

The package also includes two slides: one to start the lesson and a final review, in which students will use what they’ve learnt to introduce themselves to the rest of the class, following an example.

Watch and download the video and activities through the icebreaker section of this site.

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