¿Qué hiciste el sábado? Pretérito vs. Imperfecto

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This is our most grammar-oriented icebreaker so far. The differences between these two tenses are hard to teach and harder to understand. Even very advanced students have problems using them, and that’s why we have decided to make an icebreaker focused on the “pretérito” and two of the most common uses of the “imperfecto”:

  • Descriptions in the past.
  • Two actions that happened simultaneously.

The vocabulary of this icebreaker - free time activities- is quite simple, because we want students to concentrate in using the right tenses when they talk about what they did in the past. This is a review of the “pretérito” and an introduction of the “imperfecto”, which will hopefully help students to understand their differences, and will provide teachers with additional writing and listening examples.

The player will show in this paragraph

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Monica Jordan said on Wed, August 05, 2009

El material que ustedes tienen en este sitio es muy bueno. Lo que podría mejorar es la calidad de los video-clips. La imagen no es clara, especialmente si lo proyectamos en grande.

Alvaro said on Tue, September 01, 2009

Hola Mónica,

Los vídeos que tenemos online son para que los profesores sepan de qué tratan los materiales y decidan si pueden utilizarlos en sus clases. La resolución es baja para agilizar la página, pero una vez comprado el vídeo desde la sección de Icebreakers podrás descargar las actividades y el vídeo en alta resolución.

J. Hall said on Tue, September 01, 2009

How can I get audio when watch the sample video? No sound. The volume indicater does not function.

Alvaro said on Wed, September 02, 2009

Do you have the same problem with all the videos of our site, including the Icebreakers, or just with this one?

Claudia Hochzeitseinladungen said on Tue, April 13, 2010

The video is very helpful, thanks a lot! And I had no problem with the sound.

Lara Galian said on Thu, January 27, 2011

Nicely done! The video is easy to follow and provides jumping off points for teachers to discuss with their students.

neeraj said on Thu, March 01, 2012

me gustaria muchisimo ensenar por este sitio.

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