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Our first Bingo game is available in the Games section of our page. It is a great way to review 75 words belonging to the housing vocabulary. After purchasing this game, you’ll be able to download a .zip file that contains the game executable file and a PDF document with the instructions and the 30 different bingo cards.
Since the game randomly draws the words, you’ll be able to play as many different games as you wish. There are also a large numbers of ways to play it: individually or in groups, with just one card per person/group or more…
Bingo is one of the most famous and useful games for foreign language teachers. We hope you enjoy our version, which combines technology, sound and the traditional cards with colorful pictures that will surely help your students to learn or review these words.

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maria delahoy said on Thu, June 04, 2009

Do you have upper level vocabulary like for High School classes?

Alvaro said on Fri, June 05, 2009

We have materials for different levels, check our Icebreaker section to preview our videos and get an idea of the different levels we work on. If your questions is only about games, we’ll add some more in the coming weeks. Any suggestion about vocabulary areas we should cover will be more than welcome.

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neeraj said on Thu, March 01, 2012

una manera muy buena y interesante de fortalizar el vocabulario

Darlene McCormack said on Fri, April 20, 2012

Please subscribe me to your mailing list.
Thank you,
Darlene McCormack

Iqbal said on Sat, May 19, 2012

A great exercise for all. My senttuds just love them. They even started to make their own exercises and swap them among each other. Thank you.

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