Learning the subjunctive in “El parque del Retiro”

Posted by Alvaro

“¡Qué llegue la primavera!” is an icebreaker for upper classes (Spanish III, B2 and above) which focuses on the irregular verbs in the subjunctive tense (dar, estar, haber, ir, saber and ser). It also covers vocabulary related to health and outdoor sports.
Thanks to our wonderful reporter, Andrea Savi, we interviewed different people in the most famous park of Madrid about the exercise they practice, and the benefits they get from them. We have prepared different activities, included in the PDF document that accompanies the icebreaker, to make sure your students are ready to understand what random people at the park told us.

The icebreaker, whose video you can already preview in low resolution, also includes three audio activities and a 9-page PDF document with the audio and video scripts.

Finally, on the day we filmed this video we were lucky to meet the Spanish Association of Tai Chi Xin Yi at the park, and they kindly answered our questions. We have decided to add subtitles to their answers, and to offer this video to all of our subscribers. You can also watch it here in a smaller size:

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