It’s easier to learn the gender of nouns in context

Posted by Alvaro

Masculine and feminine nouns. El and la. It may seem confusing for a beginner student, but when we present this topic in context things become much more simpler. This is the main objective of El primer día de clase, but this engaging lesson has much more to offer:

  • Vocabulary: school subjects and basic expressions with tener (tener frío, hambre, prisa, razón, suerte).
  • Communication skills: students will be able to talk about their school schedule.
  • Grammar: masculine and feminine nouns, ordinal numbers, and el and la.

The activities included in the lesson will prepare the students for the 5-minute video (which has optional subtitles in Spanish), as well as help them practice what they learn from the video.

Download El primer día de clase and get ready for a fun class!

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