Four Spanish places to practice the verb “ir”

Posted by Alvaro

¿Adónde vas de vacaciones? is a new icebreaker for Spanish I/beginner classes to practice the verb “ir” and to learn vocabulary about places (casa, centro comercial, cine, ciudad, escuela, estación, gimnasio, mercado, montañas, museo, piscina, playa, pueblo, restaurante, teatro, etc). The 7-page PDF file included in the package contains activities to review the conjugation of the verb “ir” and the use of prepositions such as “a”, “al” and “a las”. There are also several activities about the vocabulary and about the articles “el” and “los” with the days of the week. As usual, the icebreaker includes the answer key and the transcripts of the video and audio activities.

In the video, which you can preview in the Icebreaker section of our site, four young Spaniards describe the places where they go in the summer: Cádiz, Salamanca, Galicia and Chinchón (a small town in the south of Madrid). We hope your students enjoy the trip to these places while practicing and improving their Spanish.

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