Cocinando gazpacho

Posted by Alvaro

Our second cooking video, after “La tortilla de patata” or Spanish omelette, is about one of the most famous Spanish dishes, especially in the south of the country: “el gazpacho.” We’ve chosen “el gazpacho” because it’s extremely easy to cook, and even if you don’t have any cooking facilities at your school, you can still manage to put this lesson into practice just taking a few things to your class. Otherwise, students can also prepare it at home, following the recipe from the video and activities, in less than 20 minutes.

The first part of the activities focus on local markets and the second is about the “gazpacho” recipe. The vocabulary and the grammar of the video is easy enough for beginners / Spanish I students to get the gist, and the activities that come with the video will help your students to understand it. The “Cocina fácil: el gazpacho” package includes:

  • A 10 page PDF document with individual and group activities, and also with the answer key and the transcripts of all the audios and the video.
  • 3 audio files and several cloze activities to introduce the vocabulary used in the video.
  • A 10-minute video which you can preview in low resolution in the icebreaker section of this site.
  • A short clip from the video and activities which will build some background for your students, making the whole video easier to follow. You can watch this clip here:

We believe this icebreaker is a very fun and original way to introduce basic vocabulary about cooking and food, and the affirmative tú commands. This lesson can easily finish cooking “gazpacho” in class or at home.

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Cuete said on Mon, November 12, 2012


Compre este icebreaker pero no me aparece en mi cuenta. Pague con paypal, pero no se por que no lo encuentro.
Les agradeceria por su pronta respuesta.


Alvaro said on Mon, November 12, 2012

Hola Katya,

Desafortunadamente nuestro sistema está tardando algunos minutos en procesar recursos que tienen acentos o algún símbolo español -”ñ”, “¡” , “¿”-. He comprobado tu cuenta y el “icebreaker” ya está allí, esperamos recibir tu opinión sobre el mismo una vez lo utilices en tus clases.

Un saludo y disculpa las molestias.

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