A step by step series to explore Machu Picchu

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Machu Picchu is such a beautiful and special place that we didn’t think a short video would do it justice. That’s why “Rumbo a Machu Picchu” is divided in six episodes that cover everything from the planning of the trip to the visit of these famous ruins. Our focus is that students not only learn basic facts about Machu Picchu, but also that they are able to organize a similar trip, including essential topics such as booking tickets and hotel rooms, and how to get information when you’re in a Spanish speaking country.

The series is designed for beginner students (Spanish I or beginning of a Spanish II course) and its outline is very clear and practical: every episode shows a place in Peru with Machu Picchu as the final destination. Students will learn very useful expressions and words so they can successfully communicate when traveling to a Spanish speaking country:

  • EPISODE 1: Peru (in general) - How to talk about traveling itineraries and ask and answer the common questions at the airport.
  • EPISODE 2: Lima - How to use the public transport. You can watch the whole episode in the trial version of our Campus. Just click here and enter bablingua in the password field.
  • EPISODE 3: Cusco - How to book a hotel room.
  • EPISODE 4: Pisac - How to shop (and bargain) in a street market.
  • EPISODE 5: Ollantaytambo / Aguas Calientes - How to get information about trains and tickets.
  • EPISODE 6: Machu Picchu - How to have a conversation at a tourist information center.

The way each episode explains these topics is the same one we use in all of our materials, based on pre-building activities that prepare students to understand the video by covering the basic vocabulary and grammar; an exercise to do while watching the video; several following activities with a strong emphasis on listening (with speakers from different countries –Peru, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Spain- with different accents) and finally some pair-work or group exercises.

All the episodes (which you can preview online in low resolution) include optional subtitles in Spanish, audio files, a PDF with the activities, the answer key and the transcripts of all the audio and video files.  And in addition to this, the first two episodes are free!

This is an example of the PDF documents included in each episode:

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debbie said on Thu, January 24, 2013

I used the Rumbo a Machu Picchu 6 with my level 2 classes.  It fit in very well with the travel by train unit we were doing.  The students loved it.  I have different materials from other companies for Machu Picchu, but this is the best one.

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