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Posted by Alvaro

The future simple is not one of the most common Spanish tenses, but it’s very easy to conjugate and of course intermediate Spanish students should be able to use it and understand it. We’ve designed an icebreaker about this grammar issue looking at two usual situations in which the future simple is used: the news (“El presidente de México viajará a EE.UU.”) and predictions (“Creo que España ganará el campeonato”).

¿Crees en el horóscopo?” is a 9-minute fun video about the story of Stefanía –a young girl from Ecuador who loves reading the horoscope in her favorite magazine- and Alberto –a Spanish boy who thinks horoscopes are nonsense-. Stefanía will try to trick her friend, making him believe in a very strange horoscope that, at the end, becomes true in a mysterious way.

The activities that accompany the video will help your students practice the future simple of regular verbs and they will prepare your students to understand the story. The icebreaker includes two audio files and optional subtitles in Spanish.

Watch “¿Crees en el horóscopo? in low resolution in our icebreaker section.

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