Come with us to “Las fallas”

Posted by Alvaro

Las fallas” is one of the most famous Spanish celebrations. It takes place every year in Valencia, and the images of these artistic monuments being burnt on 19th March are so well-known that we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to go there to film it.
It was our first visit to “las fallas”, but it won’t certainly be our last, since we really loved the event, which surprised us positively in many ways. For example, it isn’t as crowded as we expected: there are indeed a lot of people, but since every neighborhood build their own “falla”, there are plenty to chose from. In addition to this, Valencia is a big city, and this also helps us to get close to the “fallas” to record great images for the icebreaker.

We also got the help of Lucía Alcázar, a young girl from Valencia who did a great job for us explaining what the “fallas” are, and interviewing several people to know their opinions. The result is a 15-minute video, with optional Spanish subtitles, that covers the main events of this celebration: a lot of information about the Falles (materials, themes, sizes, etc.), the Mascletá and, of course, the burning of two Falles: a children’s Falle and a big adult one.

The package includes a 5-page PDF file with activities that will help your students understand the video, and an audio file that covers part of the main vocabulary. We’ve kept the grammar very simple, and thanks to that, the pre-building activities, the optional subtitles and the visual information, this video can be appropriate for any level. You can also preview it in low resolution in the icebreaker section to check whether it’s convenient for your classes. This is a representation of the vocabulary included in the scripts of the video and audio files:

Finally, we’ve included a PowerPoint presentation in the icebreaker that you can use to make presentations about “las fallas” with your students, which will be a great speaking end-of-the-lesson activity. If you have any questions about “las fallas,” feel free to contact us, we’ll be very glad to answer them.

We hope our trip helps us to take your students there, so they can also discover this very special celebration.

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