Celebrate Carnival with your students

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Carnival is one of the most important celebrations in the Hispanic world, and we’re very glad to have a video ready explaining the different traditions in several countries, and the basic vocabulary about this event. In “Carnaval, Carnaval” your students will learn interesting information about the oldest carnival, the most popular, the longest, and also about specific traditions such as the decoration of trees (Peru), the “chirigotas” (Cadiz, Spain), and the “water wars” (Ecuador.)

In the 7-minute video, which you can preview in low resolution in our Cultural Corner, Stefanía -a young girl from Quito- and Jennifer -from Madrid- talk about how carnival is celebrated in their countries. Stefanía, who loves this tradition, tries to persuade her friend to wear a costume and enjoy the festivity.

The 8-page PDB booklet that accompanies the video will prepare your students to understand it, explaining the basic vocabulary (cabalgata, desfile, disfraz, maquillaje, máscara, etc.) The video also features optional Spanish subtitles which makes it appropriate for all levels. The activities have interesting information about carnival around the world, an explanation about the difference between the verbs “conocer” and “saber”, exercises to do while and after watching the video and two audio files:

If you’re planning a lesson about carnival, you might also want to talk about candombe, the music played in February during carnival in Uruguay: check out our “El candombe uruguayo” video and activities!

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