A (very) original and (not very) scary video to teach the present continuous

Posted by Alvaro

In Bablingua we try to make videos that are different and that attract your students’ attention. This month, we have updated our icebreaker section with “¿Qué está ocurriendo?”, a video filmed during the Madrid zombie parade, an event that every year gathers hundreds of people dressed up as zombies. Using this context, we planned a story with a young journalist and her cameraman who see the parade believing that Madrid is really under a zombie attack. Through their dialogues and reports, the video presents many examples of the use of the present continuous, with regular (estamos viendo) and irregular (estamos oyendo) verbs.

This is a great video for beginner (Spanish I and II) classes, and it also covers the basic vocabulary about news and catastrophes: oir, grabar, informar, destruir, terremoto, incendio, herido, superviviente, ayuda, socorro, ambulancia, policía, héroe, valiente, etc.

The activities included in the “¿Qué está pasando?” package include listening and reading exercises about the big Chilean earthquake, a miming activity and different extracts of the 8-minute video, so the students can practice the grammar and vocabulary. You can see one of these extracts here:

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