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This is an extremely easy activity that doesn’t need any preparation or materials, and that’s why I like it so much. I mainly use it when I see my students (or myself) especially sleepy at the beginning of the class, or when everybody is tired at the end and I need an easy activity that doesn’t require much energy.

The teacher starts by saying a word related to the vocabulary that his/her students know. Let’s begin with “gato”, for example.
I think it’s better to follow an order, so we’re sure all of our students participate, but we could also let students participate whenever they’re ready. In any case, the first student to talk needs to say a word connected to the first one (gato). Following the example, a good word could be “perro”. The next student will have to say a word connected to “perro”, and not to the original word. I hope I’m explaining this clearly, since this is the most common mistake. Students must say a word related to the last word said. A logical model could be something like this: Gato - Perro - Animal - Granja - Campo - Árbol - Hoja - Verde - Hierba - Fútbol - Deporte….

It is fun to listen to the students and see how the direction of the activity changes, like in our example, from “Gato” to “Deporte”.
If, at any time, a student says something that isn’t very clear, or just if we’d like some students to talk a bit more, we can interrupt and ask them to clarify the connection between their word and the previous one. This can be hard depending on the level of your students, but it’s a very good way to challenge them. For example, let’s say that a student said “hierba” and the following one says fútbol”. We can ask the last one: “What’s the connection between “hierba” and “fútbol”? A good answer could be: “Porque los equipos de fútbol juegan sobre hierba”. And then, we accept the explanation, and we continue for as long as we decide.

In the following Voicethread I’ve posted the explanation in Spanish, and also an extra example we can complete with your help. So, please, participate! We’ll start with “viajar”, let’s see where this journey takes us…

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mshomgard said on Wed, October 31, 2012

¡Buena idea!  ¡Gracias!

epascale said on Wed, October 31, 2012

Gracias por compartir! Me gusta mucho!

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