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A great resource to teach vocabulary

Games are one of the most important strategies Foreign Language teachers can use. In this section we offer several games that your students can play on their own to learn and review vocabulary, or that you can play with the whole class, following the instructions that accompany them. Our goal is to reduce the time you spend getting games ready, and to combine technology with well-known games to make them more attractive to students.

Escucha: hay un ladrón en mi clase

This is the ebook you need to boost the reading and the listening comprehension skills of your Spanish I/ A1 students. Join Daniel and Stefanía in their search of a stolen laptop and enjoy this mysterious story that reviews the main topics of this level:

  • Grammar: alphabet, “cuánto/a/as/os”, “gustar”, “hay”, “ir a”, masculine and feminine nouns and articles, “mucho/a/as/os”, noun-adjective agreement, numbers, plurals, possession, prepositions of place, present continuous, present simple (conjugation).
  • Vocabulary: adjectives to describe people, body parts, classroom objects, common verbs, clothes and accessories, countries, the date, family, food, house objects, numbers, rooms, stores, telling the time.

The 48-page ebook is divided in 10-easy-to-photocopy episodes -and an introduction- that follow this structure:

  • Some pre-listening activities to create background and to review the target grammar and vocabulary of the episode.
  • A picture-based exercise: your students will have to listen and do several tasks connected to the image they see. Those tasks include spotting differences, adding elements, placing objects in the right spot, matching objects/people and finding the right order of a story.

  • A second listening activity in which your students will read the transcript of the story. It will help them review what they have learnt and improve their pronunciation. They will also have to answer questions about the story, correct errors, fill the blanks and conjugate verbs.

Keep reading…

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Hablan2 - Actividades por parejas para estudiantes de español

We sometimes lack materials to encourage our students to speak in class, especially at the beginner level. That’s why we have written Hablan2, an eBook that includes 23 speaking activities about the most important topics of the Spanish I curriculum: numbers, alphabet, classroom objects, descriptions, weather, family, shopping, food, etc.

These activities have been designed to be worked in pairs: each page is divided in two parts, A and B, one for each student. They will have to work together, speaking and listening to each other to find the information they need. The activities are very different between them: some of them are about finding differences, others about completing information, etc. Thanks to the photos, illustrations, thinking maps and examples the students will be able to successfully complete the tasks, using Spanish and reinforcing the grammar and vocabulary they have already learned in class.

Hablan2 is a great addition to your teaching materials. It’s very easy to fit it in your classes, and it will enhance your students’ communication skills through peer work and cooperation.
ISBN: 978-84-614-5260-6

Sample of the first units:


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Bingo: Household objects (PC only)

This version of the popular Bingo game includes 30 different color cards and a program which randomly draws Spanish words. The students will hear the words first, so they also practice their listening comprehension, and some seconds later the word will appear in the screen.
The Bingo cards, included in a .PDF file (ready to print and cut), contain 27 squares arranged in three horizontal rows and nine columns. There are 12 free spaces and 15 pictures in each card. Every time you play, there will be two winners: the first one to complete a row (¡Línea!) and the one who completes the whole card (¡Bingo!).
This program will call 75 words which belong to the following topics:

  • Objetos de la cocina: lavadora, nevera, tenedor, cuchara, cuchillo, servilleta, vaso, botella, sartén, microondas, jarra, lavaplatos, horno, cazo, bandeja.
  • Objetos de una habitación/dormitorio: cama, almohada, armario, lámpara, computadora, ratón, altavoz, radio, impresora, escáner, consola, videojuego, cajón, calendario, despertador.
  • Objetos de la sala/el salón: alfombra, librería, DVD, vídeo, sofá, sillón, mesa, planta, televisión, libro, cuadro, cojín, revista, cortina, mantel.
  • Objetos del baño: ducha, lavabo, cepillo, secador, peine, cepillo de dientes, pasta de dientes, espejo, desodorante, champú, tijeras, esponja, toalla, colonia, bañera.
  • Partes de la casa: jardín, piscina, terraza, porche, puerta, garaje, escaleras, ventana, cocina, salón, dormitorio, baño, papelera, silla, casa.

Bingo is a great game to review many words in a fun way, and the only preparation it needs is to print the .pdf file included with the game. Watch a sample video…

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A traditional matching game for Spanish I students (PC only)

This is a fun and easy game for beginners, to be played in groups or individually. It contains five different puzzles, covering these topics and words

  • Classroom objects I: bolígrafo, lápiz, libro, mesa, mochila, pizarra, puerta, silla, tijeras and ventana.
  • Classroom objects II: altavoz, bandera, carpeta, computadora, cuaderno, grapadora, mapa, papelera, pegamento and sacapuntas.
  • -ar verbs: bailar, caminar, cantar, escuchar, estudiar, hablar, mirar, preguntar, saltar and viajar.
  • Clothes: abrigo, camisa, camiseta, chaqueta, falda, gorro, jersey, pantalones, vestido and zapatos.
  • Body parts: boca, brazo, cabeza, espalda, mano, nariz, ojo, oreja, pie and pierna.

After purchasing this game you’ll be available to download the executable file that contains the five puzzles. The only software you need is the free Flash Player, which is already installed in 99% of the computers connected to the Internet. This is a minimized example of the Body part puzzle:

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