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Instructions And Contents

This is a section about culture, accents and “doing”. Our goal is that your students meet someone from each of the 21 Spanish speaking countries, and that they learn and somehow participate in a certain tradition or cultural activity.

All the videos include a PDF file with many building background activities that will prepare your students for the video. These activities focus on the key vocabulary and the listening comprehension.

You’ll have the option to show the videos with or without subtitles, and you can preview the videos in low resolution here, so you know whether they might be appropriate for the level of your classes.

Once you purchase a package from our cultural corner, you’ll be able to download the .zip file -that includes all the activities- from Your Account page. You’ll have then everything you need for a different class that will engage your students, and that they’ll remember for a long time, because as we all know, we learn from what we do.

Cultural comer Bablingua Zip Files

Rumbo a Machu Picchu 4

Andrea and Mery tak about an unforgettable excursion to Pisac, its great street market and ruins. Keep reading...
Topics: Shopping, prices, clothes.
What we learn: How to shop (and bargain) in a street market.

Rumbo a Machu Picchu 3

5 reasons to choose the "Hotel Llimpimpac" when you visit the beautiful city of Cusco. Keep reading...
Topics: Hotels.
What we learn: How to book a hotel room.

Rumbo a Machu Picchu 2

Andrea and Mery talk about Lima and the neighborhood of Miraflores. Get it for FREE!
Topics: Public transport, tourist attractions.
Grammar: Present simple: questions.
What we learn: How to talk about how public transport works.

Rumbo a Machu Picchu 1

Andrea plans a trip to Machu Picchu with the help of her Peruvian friend. Get it for FREE!
Topics: Airports, tourist attractions.
Grammar: Present simple (regular and irregular verbs).
What we learn: How to organize a trip and to check in at the airport.

Carnaval, Carnaval

Stefanía (Quito, Ecuador) tries to persuade her friend Jennifer (Madrid, Spain) to celebrate carnival together. Keep reading...
Topics: Carnival.
Grammar: "Conocer" vs "saber".
What we learn: How carnival is celebrated in different countries.

De México DF a Madrid

Cedina, a girl from Mexico City who lives now in Madrid, talks about the main Mexican celebrations. Keep reading...
Topics: Celebraciones, el tiempo.
What we learn: How to build an altar for the Day of the Dead.

Rumbo a Machu Picchu 6

Andrea arrives at Machu Picchu and talks about this wonder of the world. Keep reading...
Topics: Weather, what you need for an excursion.
What we learn: How to get information at a visitor center

Rumbo a Machu Picchu 5

Andrea describes her surprising trip from Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes. Keep reading...
Topics: Trains, schedules and transport.
What we learn: How to buy a train ticket.