The taste of Spain: how to teach food in a more exciting way.

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You can now watch the video of our new icebreaker, “La Tortilla de España” in the Icebreaker section of our site. If you’re also interested in receiving a free sample of the activities included in the “La Tortilla de España” package, just join our mailing list. “La Tortilla de España” is more a lesson plan than an icebreaker.

It is based on an activity that we did during our stay in the US. We asked permission from the food and nutrition staff of our schools to use their class for one period, and then we took our students there to cook Spanish omelet together. If you don’t have this possibility, you can still use the video and the activities in class, and ask the students to try it at home.
The icebreaker includes 4 audio tracks and a 14-page PDF booklet that will help your students to understand the video. We have paid special attention to the regional differences among Spanish speaking countries, and we have decided to cover only the formal imperative (usetd and ustedes). There PDF booklet is divided in three parts:
“La bolsa de la compra”, in which we cover the basic food vocabulary, emphasizing the differences between the Spanish spoken in Spain (gamba, cacahuete, patata) and the most common words used in the Central and South American Spanish speaking countries (camarón, maní, papa).
“La dieta mediterránea”, the second part, focuses on the kind of diet that most Spaniards follow. There is also a grammatical section to review the adverbs of frequency.
The last part, “¡A cocinar!” will help the students to understand the video. There are also many activities to practice cooking expressions (calentar, pelar, cortar, etc) and formal commands.