The Homer Simpson activity

Posted by Alvaro under: Resources

We’ve been filming different videos lately in Granada and Barcelona, two of the most beautiful Spanish cities. While we work on the activities that will come with those videos, we’d like to present another original strategy that you can easily implement in your foreign language class. The goal of the Homer Simpson activity is to improve the listening comprehension of low-beginner students, and also to review basic vocabulary related to body parts, colors and clothing, in an original and fun way. The activity is extremely easy: the students will try to draw and color the following instructions, which the teacher will read:

1) Tiene la cabeza grande
2) Tiene los ojos grandes
3) Tiene la nariz pequeña
4) Tiene la boca grande
5) Tiene las orejas pequeñas
6) Es calvo, pero tiene poco pelo
7) Es gordo y mediano
8) Tiene una camiseta blanca y pantalones azules
9) Lleva zapatos marrones
10) Tiene los brazos, la cara y las manos amarillos.

The player will show in this paragraph