Teaching body parts in a different way

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We learned the “monster” activity in a workshop a couple of years ago, and we’ve been using it since then every time we have to explain “Las partes del cuerpo” or “body parts”. In this activity, the students have to draw a monster, using numbers that they picked at random at the beginning of the class, before we told them what we were going to do that day. Some of the monsters will have two, three or even six heads, and the same happens to the rest of the body parts we cover during the class. In addition to that, they’ll have to write a description of their monster, such as “Mi monstruo tiene una cabeza, cinco ojos, tres narices, cuatro bocas, dos orejas, seis cuerpos, dos brazos, dos manos, una pierna y tres pies”. It’s a great activity not only to learn or review body parts, but also to point out if they are masculine or feminine, and how to do the plural form of those words.

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