Speaking activity: using newspapers in class

Posted by Alvaro under: Resources

This is an activity that you can use in any foreign language classroom, mainly with advanced groups that have some fluency in the target language. We show the students a newspaper headline, but only after we have removed some of its words. Then the students need to tell the class what the missing words are, giving also their opinion about what the article could be about. When they have all spoken, we’ll show them the answer and we’ll talk about the article’s topic.

We would like to try it on-line in the following presentation, we hope you collaborate with us, so please record your suggestions about what the missing words could be and why. In order to leave your comments, you just need to register unless you’re already a Voicethread member. Registration is free, and very easy: you just need to provide an email address and a user name. You can also upload a photo to make it look nicer. Once you’ve registered, click the microphone icon to start recording your ideas ¡Gracias!