Speaking activity: Guess the news

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This is a great speaking activity to start or finish your class, and it is also a very good way to discuss current events with your students.

Begin by choosing an article whose story your students could understand. Then select 3 keywords and look for images that represent them (you can quickly do this using Google Images). Finally, show the pictures to your students and ask them to guess what this piece of news is about.

The goal of the activity is that students practice their speaking in a creative way, rather than correctly guessing the news (which can be almost impossible).

We’ll publish examples in our Facebook account that you can use in your classes. We’ve just created a photo album called “Adivina la noticia” which we’ll update regularly. This is the first example:

The article is form “El Pais” newspaper and it’s about the gathering of young Spaniards who are unhappy with their economic situation. Thousands of “madrileños” are protesting in the Madrid Puerta del Sol because the unemployment rate, especially for the youngest citizens, is considerably high:
We’ve chosen 3 pictures: a door (for “la puerta del Sol”), a group of people and money. With those 3 pictures students should try to guess what the article is about. After listening to their ideas you could summarize the article: “Mucha gente en Madrid está en la Puerta del Sol, la plaza central de la ciudad, protestando porque no tienen trabajo ni dinero”.

This activity is also good to introduce new vocabulary in context, and to encourage student’s participation.