Smart Lesson Plans: use technology in the classroom without getting a headache

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We’re very glad to launch a new section in our website, the Smart Lesson Plans, a new step in our goal to provide additional teaching materials for the Spanish class.

  • What’s exactly a Smart Lesson Plan?
  • A Smart Lesson Plan is a complete unit that tries to take advantage of the new technology available in many classrooms, without driving the teacher crazy. All you need to use is a computer, loudspeakers and a projector or digital board. In our opinion, the use of this technology allows us to bring more variety into the classroom, and it therefore helps us reach students who have different learning styles.

  • The main features of Smart Lesson Plans are:

  • 1) They contain a .doc file (in English and Spanish) with all the information you need to use the different files of the package. The document starts with the level, objectives and time of the lesson, and then it describes in clear steps how to get the most of the different Power Point files, the video and the rest of the activities. Since it’s a .doc file, it’ll be easy for you to modify it if you’d like to add activities or to delete some. You can also change the order of the exercises, adapting them to the length of your classes.

    2) Once you download the Lesson Plan, you’ll be ready to go. No installation is required, and because of the extensions of the files (.doc, .ppt,. mp4, .jpg), you’ll be able to open any of them with just a click. Even if your computer doesn’t have the basic and most common software, such as a media player or a document editor, there are free programs you can use to open all of our files (VLC for video and Open Office for presentations and documents).

    3) The Smart lesson plan focuses on verbal communication, trying to improve the listening comprehension and the speaking skills of the students:

    • Listening comprehension: it’s important to be familiar with the vocabulary to understand the video and audio files. We learn vocabulary through meaningful repetition, and the lesson plans include many activities that will help your students master the key vocabulary, using TPR, games and virtual vocabulary cards. We have also added a subtitled version of the video to the lesson plans: we believe that the combination of listening and reading is a great exercise to improve the listening comprehension.

    • Speaking: the lesson plans include a lot of graphical support that will make speaking easier for your students, especially once they’re familiar with the vocabulary of the unit.

    4) The lesson plan is very interactive: all the presentations try to encourage participation, in an effort to make the class more dynamic. The images displayed in the different presentation will contribute to a more extensive use of Spanish in the class. Students will be engaged in games, group activities and a constant interaction with the teacher.

    5) As a result of the interaction, the teacher has continuous feedback from the learners. There is a permanent evaluation process, and the lesson plan includes additional files you can use whether you consider there are students who need extra practice.

    We have summarized these points in the following video, but please contact us if you’d like to have more information about the Smart Lesson Plans.

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