Los verbos reflexivos

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The idea of making a video about reflexive verbs has been with us since we started Bablingua. The only problem we had was how to match this topic with one of our main goals: filming outdoors as often as possible, so your students have the opportunity to see our cities, people and culture. However, most of the actions of the most common reflexive verbs –brushing one’s teeth, dressing up, taking a shower, etc- are usually done indoors. Los verbos reflexivos is the solution we came up with: Elena, a young Spanish girl, rushes through the streets of Madrid to arrive to work on time. While she hurries to avoid being late, she quickly stops to comb her hair, to put on her shoes and to wash her hands and face along the way.

This short video includes many reflexive verbs (levantarse, ducharse, vestirse, atarse, abrocharse, lavarse, secarse, peinarse, ponerse, maquillarse, pintarse, darse cuenta, enfadarse, alegrarse, divertirse, quitarse, acostarse) and it also features some of Madrid’s main tourist attractions: El Palacio Real, el templo de Debod, el Teatro Real and El Paseo del Pintor Rosales.

The icebreaker also includes a PDF file with activities to work on before, during and after the video. These activities will prepare your students to understand the video, presenting the vocabulary and explaining additional reflexive verbs, such as afeitarse or despertarse. They also will help your students to practice how reflexive verbs work in Spanish, and how to use them with other constructions they already know (ir a, tener que, etc.)

Finally, we had a lot of fun filming “Los verbos reflexivos”. We have decided to post in this blog a short video with some of the bloopers from this icebreaker, which will give you an idea about how difficult to film in the streets of Madrid is. We hope you enjoy it. Please visit the Icebreaker section of this site to preview our Los verbos reflexivos icebreaker.

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