Hablan2: Work on your student’s speaking fluency from day 1

Posted by Alvaro under: Resources

We’ve decided -following the suggestions from many teachers who have written to us- to offer Hablan2 as an eBook. Hablan2 contains 23 activities to develop your beginner student’s speaking skills and it covers the main topics of the Spanish I/A1 curriculum: the alphabet, numbers, personal information (name, age, etc.), time, classroom objects, the verb “gustar”, family, weather, shopping, food, holidays, etc.

These activities have been designed to be worked in pairs. They have two different parts: A and B, with the objective that each participant has information that the other does not have. The students will need to work together, using the target language, to achieve a common task. The activities are very varied: in some of them the students will need to identify pictures, and in others they will need to obtain information, play games or role-play following a model.

This new version of Hablan2 is available from the Games and ebooks section of this site. You can pre-view the first 8 activities of Hablan2 here:


If you’d like to receive a sample of the first unit of Hablan2 just contact us.