A new way to teach the weather

Posted by Alvaro under: Resources

The weather is an exciting topic in a foreign language class. Students usually enjoy presenting the weather to their classmates, but a common problem is how to prepare those presentations. It might take too much time to have students researching the weather forecasts in other places, and then work on weather signs and maps. Our “El tiempo” icebreaker will hopefully help you with those problems. This icebreaker contains:

  • An 11-page document with activities that will help your students to learn how to talk about the weather in Spanish before they do their presentation.
  • The answer key and the scripts of all the audio and video files.
  • 4 audio activities to improve their listening comprehension.
  • 4 silent videos that your students can use to present the weather. They can choose between different countries (Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Spain) and then get ready using the information of the PDF file.

You can pre-view and order “El tiempo” from our icebreaker section.

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