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April: A sample of the activities included in ¿Arte o fraude?, our first lesson for AP Spanish students.

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About Us

Laura García and Álvaro Mediavilla founded Bablingua after working for three years as Visiting International Faculty (VIF) teachers in North Carolina.

We decided to start Bablingua because it was very difficult for us to find good learning materials during our stay in the USA. Most of the Spanish videos and readings that we tried to use in our classrooms were too hard for our students, or they lacked interest or realism.

We found ourselves saying over and over again things such as “How I’d like to show my students how we celebrate New Years’ Eve!” or “If only I had a video of La Rambla, so the students could see what a Spanish street looks like!” But it was impossible. All the videos that we ordered were always about the same topics, and we don’t think that they were a good resource to explain what our country looks like.

When we showed pictures to our students that we had taken in Spain, we were surprised by the things that called their attention: cars, hair styles, fashion… It was a shame that we didn’t have good videos to show all these details.

We decided then to start Bablingua once we were back in Spain. Our goal is to provide great videos that really show our country, and that are interesting and understandable for a foreign student.

In February 2008 we had our first video ready, “De compras en el Rastro,” that we hope is the beginning of a long series.

We have put a lot of effort into everything that comes with the video: activities to help with your lesson plan, a forum so you can exchange ideas with other teachers, vocabulary cards to play and reinforce the words learned. As teachers, we think that our videos are a valuable resource, and we look forward to your feedback to make them better, and to keep growing.

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