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May: Samples of the activities included in bARcelona, our latest icebreaker to learn the conjugation of -ar verbs.

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Conjugating verbs in bARcelona

Posted by Alvaro

In our last visit to Barcelona we decided to rock the city. We put a band together, and with the great help of two talented musicians –Tania Hernando and Daniel Morcillo- we came up with a catchy song to teach the conjugation of –ar verbs. The result is bARcelona, a song your students won’t forget:

As far as the vocabulary, this icebreaker covers the most common regular –ar verbs (ayudar, bailar, cantar, enseñar, entrar, escuchar, estudiar, hablar, llamar, llegar, ganar, manejar, mirar, saltar, terminar, trabajar, viajar) and key words to talk about music (actuación, baile, canción, concierto, guitarra, grupo, instrumento, música, ritmo, tocar.)

bARcelona is the coolest way to teach the conjugation of –ar verbs. The activities included in the package will help your students get the most from the video (which has optional subtitles in Spanish), and we guarantee you that all your students will know the O, AS, A, AMOS, AN endings by the end of the lesson. Order the bARcelona video and activities from the icebreaker section, and get ready for an awesome class!

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