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November: A sample of the activities included in tenERIfe, our latest icebreaker to teach the regular -er and -ir verbs.

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It’s always a good time for celebration

Posted by Alvaro

Salamanca is the main University town in Spain, and it has lots of students from other cities and countries. At Christmas, many of those students go back to their hometowns, and they can’t celebrate this time of the year with their Salamanca friends. Unless… Would it be too crazy to celebrate New Year’s Eve before the Christmas season? Not in Salamanca: La Nochevieja Universitaria takes places on the last Thursday before students get their vacations (about 2-3 weeks before 31 December), and everybody goes to the main square that night to party and eat the traditional twelve grapes.

This video and its activities follow these objectives:

  • Grammar: Imperfecto (actions that were repeated habitually: Cada Navidad, los estudiantes que vivían en Salamanca tomaban las uvas solos o en pequeños grupos) vs. indefinido (actions in the past seen as completed: En el año 1999, un grupo de amigos decidió celebrar la Nochevieja el último jueves antes de las vacaciones de Navidad.)
  • Vocabulary: Christmas.
  • Communication skills: how to express surprise.

The activities included in the package will get your students ready so they don’t miss any details of this exciting 8-minute video, which includes optional subtitles in Spanish.

Tradiciones de España: La Nochevieja Universitaria is a great way to practice the difference between the imperfect and the indefinite past, while celebrating New Year’s Eve and enjoying this wonderful tradition.

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