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November: Samples of the activities included in the second episode of our new series about the subjunctive.

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7 things to do to master the Spanish subjunctive

Posted by Alvaro

The second episode of our El luchador subjuntivo series insists on the idea that learning the subjunctive can be fun. In the video, your students will meet Ella, a young girl from the Philippines who is struggling with this mode, and hopes to improve thanks to El luchador and his non-traditional ways of teaching.

Ella gets 7 tips to master the subjunctive, and while watching this story your students will learn the conjugation of the irregular verbs (dar, estar, haber, ir, saber and ser) and the expressions that use the subjunctive to express advice, commands and suggestions: aconsejar que, es importante que, es inútil que, es mejor que, es necesario que, exigir que, más vale que, ordenar que, pedir que, recomendar que and sugerir que.

The 6-page PDF document that accompanies the video includes activities to review what students learnt in the first episode –how to conjugate regular verbs in the present subjunctive,- exercises to do while and after watching the story, a listening comprehension activity, the transcripts, answer key and a review pair work exercise to use the subjunctive to give advice in several situations:

The luchador subjuntivo series is available in the icebreaker section. It will allow you to teach the subjunctive from a very different perspective that will engage your students, proving that the subjunctive can be fun.

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