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Avoid unnecessary headaches: explain the basic ser-estar differences with a smile

Posted by Alvaro

Did you and your students enjoy Compañeros de clase? If you did, you’ll be glad to know there’s a second –and last- part of that video: Cansado pero contento. And if you haven’t watched it yet, you can still use Cansado pero contento in your classes because there’s a summary at the beginning of the video explaining everything your students need to know about Victor’s class.

These are the objectives of this unit:

  • Grammar: verb estar, and basic differences between ser and estar.
  • Vocabulary: Classroom objetcs (borrador, carpeta, mesa, papelera, pizarra, puerta, sacapuntas, silla, ventana…) and basic feelings such as cansado, contento, feliz, enfadado, enojado, preocupado, nervioso and triste.
  • Communication skills: basic classroom expressions (abran el libro en la página…, ¿cómo se dice…?, más despacio, mira la pizarra, ¿puedes repetir?, ¿puedo ir al baño?, siéntate, un momento…)

The activities included in the package will help your students get the most from this fun 5-minute video, which includes optional subtitles in Spanish.

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