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October: Samples of the activities included in our new series about the subjunctive.

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Can the subjunctive be fun?

Posted by Alvaro

The subjunctive mode will be, without any doubt, one of the biggest challenges your students will face while they learn Spanish. We want them to understand that it’s indeed something extremely important and hard, but that doesn’t mean they should be worried or intimidated. Those feelings affect learning in a negative way, and that’s the whole idea behind this new series: our goal is to teach the subjunctive in a relaxing and entertaining way. And we have a luchador to help us out.

The Luchador subjuntivo is based on Mexican professional wrestlers, and his job in the series is to tackle the problems your students have with the subjunctive, one round at a time.
Since the subjunctive is used for things that are not certain, for wishes, hypothesis and advice; we wanted our main character to look as unreal as possible, and that’s how we came up with the idea of the luchador.

Each video should be played at the beginning of the lesson (the instructions are included in the PDF document of each episode) as an explanation of one of the uses of the subjunctive. Then, students will work on other activities to practice what they’ve learnt during the episode.

These are the episodes we’ve published so far:

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